I am a software developer based in Paris, France.

My specialty seems to be troubleshooting and debugging (because I have that kind of terrier mentality about fixing them frickin problems), but others know me as a video/audio specialist, an iOS and a Mac person, an ex-Java-teacher-turned-developer, a carpenter, plumber, support therapist and all around foul-mouthed guy, although I naturally disagree with the last part.

On a personal level, I apparently have the most easily forgotten face, according to the face recognition programs out there but not to my friends, and if I ever cooked for you, you’d want me to do it again. Oh and I drink a lot of coffee.

On the social side, I tweet, I blog, and I have profiles here and there.

Basically, I’m a mercenary geek. And since I move around quite a lot, I’ve been called a part-time hobo, as well.

Happy trails!