I have always been keen on passing on information I find useful. Programming in general is something that is both really simple, and very scary. Mostly, it’s about identifying a problem, and coaxing a brainless machine to solve it. Because of my training as a language specialist, writing parsers and compilers, I find the underlying structures of coding quite fascinating.

Sometimes, conferences and meetups ask me to showcase a specific bit of technology, and I try to infuse as much enthusiasm and awe as I can in my presentations.

Here are a few public talks I’ve given:

  • Worldwide Newton Conference : Organizer and the DCL
  • Objective-Cologne 2012 : Video: Man, it’s not THAT complicated!
  • Cocoaheads Paris: BTLE (Bluetooth 4.0) on iOS
  • Cocoaheads Paris: Multipeer Connectivity
  • Cocoaheads Paris: Enums
  • Cocoaheads Paris: Geometricks
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